Traffic Safety

Designed to maximize safety and efficiency for construction personnel

Traffic Safety

Liquid Surge Stabilizers

Haul Liquids Safely!

Designed to stabilize the movement of liquid cargo in partially loaded tankers during transport

  • eliminates the “wave” that can form inside the tank from the liquid surging back and forth when the truck stops or starts, preventing the dangerous push of the truck in the direction the wave is moving
  • significantly improves the handling of the vehicle during acceleration, braking, and lane changes
  • reduces tank stress

Baffle system consists of three high strength plastic interlocking rings, creating a hollow core spherical device

  • 12 flow restriction ports around each ring, 36 in total
  • fluid passes through the baffle, but surge is removed

Baffle rings easily lock together without any fasteners

  • simple, fast assembly, no tools required
  • no attachment to tank
  • no retrofit problems

Compatible with metal, poly, and fiberglass tanks

  • designed for tanks with or without fixed baffles or compartments

Fits 16” manways or larger

System packs flat for low cost shipping

Not recommended for flammable or food grade liquids

Part Number: LSS1575BOXSET


Stabilizer Baffles are Made Up of 3 Rings

Liquid Surge Stabilizers Product Information

Baffle Assembly Instructions

Video on How Liquid-Surge Stabilizers Work