Traffic Safety

Designed to maximize safety and efficiency for construction personnel

Traffic Safety

Plasticade Modular Glare Screen

Vertical Blade and Rail System:
• Attach to existing barrier wall
• Reduce headlight glare from opposing traffic
• Curtail gawking in work zones
• Prevent pedestrians from crossing barrier

•  Reduces installation time!
    - Unique “Snap in Place” design
    ∙ quick and easy installation and removal on-site
    ∙ limits worker exposure to dangerous work zones
•  Reduces labor costs!
    - No time-consuming preassembly needed
•  Reduces transportation costs by 65% or more
    - Fit over 3 miles of glare screen on one semi truck, 
      compared to 1 mile of competitor’s product
•  Reduces storage space needed by 80% or more
    - quick to disassemble and store
    - compact stacking of rails and blades
•  Blades are repositionable on-site for barrier wall relocation
    - only two blades need to be removed for relocation
    - base rail remains in place
•  Standard product is for use on left side of traffic
    - can be provided for use on both left and right sides
•  Rail mounts flush on barrier wall eliminating rail fractures
•  All polymer plastic
    - no fiberglass splinters
    - no rust
    - durable and long lasting
•  6”W blades
    - available in heights 18” to 24”, other heights upon request
•  6”W rails
    - available in various lengths up to 15’

T.R. O'Brien of A and A Safety says, "We cut our installation time in half by using this product. We will see an even larger improvement in production and savings when we have to move the wall and glare screen for the next phase due to the fact we will only have to pop 2 blades off to move the wall. Great product!"

Blades are spaced 14.5" apart on rail, angled at 22 degrees.

Available Colors

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Plasticade Modular Glare Screen
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Modular Glare Screen Blade Angle

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