Traffic Safety

Designed to maximize safety and efficiency for construction personnel

Traffic Safety

ADA Pedestrian Barricade - Strongwall

ADA Pedestrian Barricade

Longitudinal Channelizing Device

● ADA Compliant, no trip hazard for pedestrians
  - meets or exceeds ADA Guidelines and MUTCD Standards
● No sandbags needed!
● Linking sections are made up of two pieces that securely fit together
   - Top Wall - rugged polyethylene
   - Bottom Base - 43 lb. self weighted black base, with carry handle
● Modular system can be shaped to any layout
● Stable in windy conditions
● Quick and easy to install
● Anti-tamper linking system
   - difficult for unauthorized personnel to dismantle when linked
● Compact stacking lowers transportation costs
● Available in orange or white, with or without retroreflective sheeting
● MASH Accepted WZ-328, Meets MUTCD Standards

Specifications for single section with base
Height - 38”
Length - 43”, Connected Length - 40.4"
Width - 15.25”
Total Weight - 51 lbs.
Sheeting area is 6” x 30” on each side

Part Number: CSP-SW38 series

Available Colors

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Strongwall ADA Pedestrian Barricade
Strongwall ADA Pedestrian Barricade
Strongwall ADA Pedestrian Barricade

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