Traffic Safety

Designed to maximize safety and efficiency for construction personnel

Traffic Safety

Aircraft Wheel Chocks

  • 24 lbs, 48 lbs./pair
  • 24"W x 7"D x 5.5"H
  • Made of 100% post-consumer recycled rubber
  • Will not compress, warp, chip, or crack
  • UV, oil, and weather resistant
  • Can be customized (200 min. qty.)
    • your name or logo embossed
    • paint for greater visibility and easy identification
    • cat eye reflectors
      • reflective glass beads help with nighttime visibility
      • deep set in recessed area
      • 4 on each side

Part Number: W88 series

Aircraft Chocks are not part of our State Reference Guide

Aircraft Chock
Aircraft Chock with Cat Eye Reflectors
Aircraft Chock painted with name embossed

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