Traffic Safety

Designed to maximize safety and efficiency for construction personnel

Traffic Safety

Sentinel™ Type III

All Plastic Type III Barricade - Easy to Assemble

  • Base consists of 2 pieces, upright and base, that snap together, no hardware required.
  • Available with two board lengths, 1" x 8" boards, 4' or 6' long
  • Boards can be purchased sheeted (on one or both sides) or unsheeted
  • Base can be internally ballasted with sand, sandbags, or water in warmer climates
  • MASH Accepted WZ-302, Meets MUTCD Standards

Part Number: 2600

The Sentinel Snaps Together, No Hardware Required


Available Colors

Sentinal Type III Barricade
Sentinal Type III Barricade
Sentinal Type III Barricade

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